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Tonight, I held hands with a celebrity

29 Jan

We had an event downtown for work tonight to raise money for two of our programs, as well as to get young people interested in our organization. I was working the registration/donation tables in the front when I noticed a man walk in who looked just slightly out of place. He had an air of confidence and was definitely wearing clothes that were more expensive than anyone else’s who was there (and I have no doubt there were people attending that had more money than him). I had a flash of recognition when I saw him, but I couldn’t place him. Then he came up to my table, and I felt reasonably convinced that he was who I thought he was. He wanted to donate, so I walked with him over to the credit card machine (old school swipe style, that’s how we do) and began talking to him. He introduced himself, and I replied with, “I thought so.”

“Do we know each other?” he asked me.

“No, but I’ve seen you,” I responded, oh so non-chalantly.

“What’s your name?”

I introduced myself, and we talked about the organization and what he was doing in town, and then he went his way, and I stayed at my table, a little impressed with myself for not being overly impressed with his celebrity.

You see, this man is a main character on a very popular cable television show*. He wasn’t clean shaven, so he looked a little different than he does on TV, and seeing someone in real life is not the same as seeing them on tv (he was a little shorter than I thought he’d be, but he has great skin, and I believe the scarf he was wearing was homemade). Plus, in real life he’s not an asshole. Although he seemed a little on the eccentric side. But I probably am, too, so I shouldn’t judge.

About 30 minutes later, he walked up to me and held his right hand out. I gave him my left hand, but then took it away and gave my right to him. “I’m not sure which one you want.”

He let go of my right hand and grabbed my left, and we were standing facing each other. “This is the one I want.”

He told me that he needed to go, and I asked him why. He said because of where his car was parked. I felt like at that moment, if I asked him if I could go with him, he would’ve said yes. Part of me wanted to, but most of me is much too sensible to do anything like that. So I let him squeeze my hand a final time, and I said good night.

*I didn’t give his name to try to seem like I think that I’m that cool but because I don’t think it’s fair to post details about other people’s lives without their permission.