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This is how I write in a Seattle coffee shop

26 Jul

So, it’s been, err, months since my last post. And I’ve decided to switch things up a little, and that’ll come through in my next couple posts. I’ve realized that one can only do so much to your apartment, and mine is pretty damn cute and basically finished. I’m going to start putting myself out there a little bit more.

I just got back from my first solo vacation to Seattle. One day a couple months ago, I decided I wanted to go on vacation this summer. Two hours later, I’d booked a Bed & Breakfast in and a flight to Seattle, one of the only major U.S. cities I’d never gone to, hastily deciding to go on vacation all alone. While, yes, I did move to an entirely new continent by myself  at the ripe old age of 22, there was something different, more mature maybe?, about going on vacation alone.

Anyway, enough of that. I made it a point to write every day, and here’s what come through my fingertips on Day 3:

This cookie isn’t nearly as good as it should be. The mocha is pretty delicious, but nothing more spectacular than what I could find in Minneapolis. I think it’s the chocolate in the cookie. You can’t put semi-sweet chocolate chips in a chocolate-chocolate cookie: they have to be milk chocolate. Dark might work, but milk is best. Or white chocolate. But never semi-sweet.

Last night I watched fire dancers and an acrobat, trades that really need to be learned and honed. And I wondered who taught them, and if I could learn how to be a fire dancer or an acrobat. I thought that, yes, I probably could be an acrobat, as I’m strong and flexible and like heights. But where would I learn? I don’t know about fire dancing, as I would probably start either myself or a building on fire, maybe both. And, then, my thought turned to, is there a trade that I want to learn? Do I want to be a tradeswoman?

But just now, with the chocolate chips in a cookie, I realized that most people don’t know things like that. Most people can’t bake cookies without a recipe or measuring cups in a convection oven in another country, on another continent, even. But I can.

I’m also good at picking out clothes, for myself and other people, finding colors that look awesome together but that most people wouldn’t think to put together. Like right now, I’m wearing a canary yellow dress, cobalt blue shrug, and a lime green belt. And I’m rocking it. Everyone else is wearing black and blue jeans. And a couple guys are wearing army green shirts.

Back to cookies. I baked some of my best cookies in that convection oven. I guess because at home I stick with the recipes that I know are good. But that’s not what I want for my life. Good enough isn’t good enough for my life. I want awesome and horrible, because I know to get awesome you have to have horrible. To be happy, you need sad. To be in love, you need to have fallen out of love.

I know not everyone feels that way, but I do, and I don’t want to change that about myself.

Today I read a story about an 84-year-old woman who died after she had been struck by a boy on a skateboard. They quoted her husband of 65 years, who  said he was very lonely without her, as they’d been together since junior high school. And my second thought, after, that’s so sad! (well, maybe third thought, my first thought was most likely, “Shit fuck!, she got killed by a skateboard! That’s kind of an awesome way to go. (Go with me on this one.)), was, wow, they probably didn’t know what they were missing. Maybe they were really well suited for each other. But maybe they weren’t, and they didn’t know any better. If I ever get married, I want to go into it knowing my other options, and fully aware of my choice.

I’ve just decided, just this moment, that I’m going to start baking cookies without a recipe again. So I can know what I’ve been missing by using a guide these last couple of years.


In case anyone needs any reading material.

29 Mar

I haven’t posted in awhile, I apologize! I know, I know, keeping you all from my clever commentary is cruel. But, I don’t make any promises. I have no desire to post daily.

So, way back in the day, I had a different blog. And it still exists. And I’m going to share it with you, some of whom were subscribers when I wrote it, but many of whom have never seen the link.

Anyway, the blog: “Life is pink”. A play on “La vie en rose,” which is a gorgeous song by the talented Edith Piaf. But, nobody got the joke because no one else spoke French who read the blog, so I’ve since renamed it to the translation. I started it in the fall of 2006 and wrote until I left. I didn’t write often. Because, you know, I was too busy going on vacation and traveling around. However, I had some amazing stories, like about my purse being stolen, cooking Thanksgiving completely off the cuff for a dozen people, and what happened to the dead woman in the apartment upstairs.

Yup, writing this post, I just reread almost every post. Some really good memories! Granted, I only wrote my stories with a sarcastic edge, not wanting my mom to know how sad I was sometimes. And, you’ll have to forgive me for my not-so-perfect grammar. When you’re speaking French all day every day, your English gets worse. It really does. (Update: ugh, sorry, I just noticed I used the wrong “your” when I first wrote this. Gross.)

Anyway, I’m sure you’re all wondering what the link is, so voila!

I hope you enjoy!

Now I’m going to go sew a magenta mini skirt.

A three-and-a-half-year-old’s point of view

22 Aug

NOT her point of view, but my mother's

My sister and her daughter came from LA for a visit this week. One afternoon, my niece took my camera and snapped, oh, 40 pictures with it. And the pictures she took told a story all their own. Observe:

My song of summer

3 Aug

I know this came out in 2009, but I didn’t hear it until this summer. So there. I love it. Even though I’m not a fan of their plastic dresses.


28 Jul

igoogle, anyone? I’m a fan. It has all these fun gadgets and tabs and links that it could keep me entertained for the entire day. Sometimes, on really slow work days, it does. I have several favorites:

  1. I can quickly see my new emails without actually having to log onto my email account.
  2. It has the newest and most read stories on I love celebrity gossip. Love it. I know, I know, I should be more cerebral than that, but you know what? Sometimes I want to read about Jessica Simpson’s new ex-football player boyfriend and look at pictures of the Jolie-Pitt clan.
  3. Wikihow. Also known as “How to of the Day”. This is misleading, as they post at least 2 how-tos each day. And it’s awesome. And at times, hilarious.

Some hilarious examples: Care for a Hedgehog with Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome, Tactfully Ask Emotional Questions, or Hunt for Wild Ginseng.

But other times, it’s totally stuff I want to know. Today’s, for example: Make Wood Floor Polish (Beeswax and Essential Oils). I’m absolutely going to do that when our floor needs to be polished. And no, I’m not joking.

Or this one: How to Find Uses for Fabric Scraps (with video) – wikiHow. Yes, I’m going to do that! Some of it. Probably not the animal pillow, but I do have a 3 year old niece, so you never know.

wikiHow - The How-to Manual That You Can Edit

the how to manual that you can edit

Things are just…different

18 Jul

In case you’re wondering, yes, I am a fan of ellipses and you will be seeing them often on this blog. I apologize if that’s annoying, but I find them to be quite useful to convey my tone. However, I do plan on leaving emoticons out of this.

Tomorrow is my half birthday (no I do not celebrate that, but yes, I used to), and I’ve decided to do some reflecting. Over the last year, I have noticed that I do things differently, live my life in a slightly new way. I don’t stay out late Thursday through Saturday night consecutively anymore, don’t go salsa dancing ever, I don’t drink more than two drinks in one night, and I sleep eight hours every night. And when I stray from this path, my body punishes me for it.

Like this weekend. I went out with friends on Friday night and had a fabulous time (I should’ve taken video…there are no words to explain some of the people we met), and then went from a late brunch with my parents, Chris, and his mom. And because I couldn’t just sleep in and do nothing the next day, that night I had to stay home because I had a headache, was sweating all over, and couldn’t sit up straight. I weeded my garden for half an hour and thought I was going to pass out.

So, is this what I have to look forward to in the coming decades? Or do I have lupus? I think I have lupus. A 26-year-old should be able to stay out until 2 and be able to function the next day, right?

Things I appreciate that I feel aren’t appreciated enough, part 1

14 Jul

1. Veronica Mars. How could that show have only lasted three seasons?

2. Tights. You can get them in any color, in different patterns, different thickness, and they don’t let in drafts like pants do in negative temperatures (I tell myself they keep me from getting frost bitten). I wear them every day in the winter. I think people think I’m strange for that.

3. English Breakfast tea. It should be everyone’s #1 drink in the morning.

4. My boyfriend’s eyebrows. Just check out that arch.

5. Diet Coke. Oh, I know how popular it is. But every time I hear someone open a can of pop (that particular click-click-pop is so much more gratifying than opening a bottle), my taste buds immediately wake up in the hope that a Diet Coke was just opened for me. It’s an addiction I fight multiple times a day. (You can see by the length of this post just how much Diet Coke means to me; I’m completely serious about my love for this beverage)

6. Rick Steve’s Europe. Yeah, he’s a little creepy sometimes (did you see Istanbul when he was in the Turkish bath?), but he always makes me want to go to there.

To be continued…