I recently decided I’m narcissistic enough to start a blog. Mostly, it’s because I have a lot fun projects going on and want to share them with the world.

Funny, I know, but I want you to talk back to me when I write. Give me ideas, tell me I suck, quote the bible in another language and make me translate it (that won’t happen, but nice try).

Anyway, if you really are an internet stalker, then here are the basics:

  • I live in a gorgeous one-bedroom apartment near Minneapolis with lots of windows and hardwood floors
  • I want a cat. I really, really, REALLY want a cat. I got the cat!
  • I work as a graphic designer for a nonprofit
  • I laughed when Tom Hanks’ character lost Wilson in “Castaway”. I got some dirty looks from that one.
  • my favorite color is green and I love cookies


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