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Magenta mini

30 Mar


Just because I’m on a roll. And I just finished it. And I think it’s pretty cute. (Sorry for the not-so-high quality photos; my camera is out of batteries. Or it’s broken. I’ll figure out which when I buy new batteries tomorrow, so I took these with my computer.)


Notice the unmade bed and empty wine glass.


In case anyone needs any reading material.

29 Mar

I haven’t posted in awhile, I apologize! I know, I know, keeping you all from my clever commentary is cruel. But, I don’t make any promises. I have no desire to post daily.

So, way back in the day, I had a different blog. And it still exists. And I’m going to share it with you, some of whom were subscribers when I wrote it, but many of whom have never seen the link.

Anyway, the blog: “Life is pink”. A play on “La vie en rose,” which is a gorgeous song by the talented Edith Piaf. But, nobody got the joke because no one else spoke French who read the blog, so I’ve since renamed it to the translation. I started it in the fall of 2006 and wrote until I left. I didn’t write often. Because, you know, I was too busy going on vacation and traveling around. However, I had some amazing stories, like about my purse being stolen, cooking Thanksgiving completely off the cuff for a dozen people, and what happened to the dead woman in the apartment upstairs.

Yup, writing this post, I just reread almost every post. Some really good memories! Granted, I only wrote my stories with a sarcastic edge, not wanting my mom to know how sad I was sometimes. And, you’ll have to forgive me for my not-so-perfect grammar. When you’re speaking French all day every day, your English gets worse. It really does. (Update: ugh, sorry, I just noticed I used the wrong “your” when I first wrote this. Gross.)

Anyway, I’m sure you’re all wondering what the link is, so voila!

I hope you enjoy!

Now I’m going to go sew a magenta mini skirt.

Goals. And, no, I don’t watch football.

7 Mar

So, I am reminded almost daily that this year is the year of jenna (ask me sometime why I don’t capitalize my name; I might give you the real answer, or the fake answer, who knows?!). Funny enough, last night before I went to sleep, I wrote down my 5 main goals for the next year, not to be confused with resolutions, as they are not resolutions. They are goals.

I apologize, interwebs, but you are not privy to most of my goals. However, goal #4 I will share with you today:

  • 4.  Do not buy any new clothes for the rest of the spring and summer.

Anyone who has seen my bedroom and looked into my closet has said something along the lines of, “Damn, Gina, you have a lot of clothes.” This would be true, for a number of reasons. Everyone likes lists, so here goes:

  1. I wear the same size clothing that I did when I was 15. That’s 12 years of clothes. Granted, I have either donated or thrown away most of these clothes, but if I really love something, I keep it. I might not wear it, but I keep it.
  2. I can sew! Which means it is cheaper for me to make clothes than buy clothes, so therefore I can make more clothes than I would buy. Does that make sense to anyone else? I have some favorite patterns, mainly of skirts, that I remake over and over again with different fabric and different lengths. I know what skirts look best on me (a short A-line or an above-the-knee pencil, if you’re wondering), and so I make a lot of them.
  3. My favorite store is not in Minnesota (and shall not be named, although I probably talk about it almost every day), and so when I travel to a city that has the store, I go crazy. CRAZY. I’d say the minimum each shopping trip there is about 8 items. And then I can’t get rid of clothing from said-store. I found this store when I was 22 and living in France. I’ve gone on about 2 shopping trips a year to the store. 2 x 5 x 8 = 80. Hmm. Doing the math makes it seem a lot worse. Maybe I should delete that. (Notice how I did not say stop. I will never stop. I love that store. It’s too serious to even use an exclamation mark.) At least I haven’t started buying its clothes on e-bay, right? Yes, I’ve looked. My size is almost never on there.

Those are enough reasons.

So, what am I planning on doing? Well, I am going to either refashion clothes I already own (you know, change the hem, use my scissors for other reasons, I can’t think of any other explanation; really, I’m probably just going to change hems), or sew clothes using my existing closet-full of fabric, or I’ll probably let myself buy some new fabric as well. Mainly, because I already saw a dress online that I want to make:


image courtesy of: <>


I don’t like the fabric so much, but I’m a big fan of flow-y stuff with belts. And I think I could make the pattern for it myself.

Yes, I am starting to make patterns! Mostly, I just alter existing patterns. Stayed tuned to see my most prized pattern alteration that I completed a couple weeks ago.

I did my first refashion tonight. Do I show you the pictures? Hmm. Maybe just small pictures.

I have a pair of shorts that I bought at said-store in France 4 years ago. At the time, they were fabulous, but now, I just don’t like them that much. Over the last year, I’ve only worn them to go golfing, and who wants to wear black shorts golfing? Queue hot (temperature-wise) rear end. No, thank you.

So, what did I do? I cut them shorter. Hot pants are in style, yo. I will probably never wear them in public.


After. Yes, I am a vampire and my legs have no pigment.

I didn’t hem them, because that would make them even shorter, and because unfinished hemlines are currently de rigueur. And I’m a slave to fashion.

There you have it! Be prepared for more pictures of my white legs and clothes I may or may not ever wear.