Those squirrels, they’re trouble.

20 Oct

Truth: I’ve always wanted to pet a squirrel’s tail. Just had to get that out there.

Anyway, we have a trouble-maker in our backyard. We call him Squirrely. Squirrely’s real cute, and likes to hide things. However, he DOES NOT like it when you find the things he hides.

Exhibit A: This fall, I’ve bought a load of bulbs so that in the spring, the garden is lovely right after the snow thaws! At least, that’s what will happen in a perfect world. I bought some purple and magenta Scilla, which I’ve been told could pop out of the snow in early spring. I’ve also gotten some Hyacinths, which might be even more gorgeous than the Scilla. I also grabbed a bunch of different color Tulips that I planted in the garden right by our back door, so that every time we go in and out of the door, we’re welcomed by beautiful Tulips!

So, while I was planting these lovely Tulips, as I was digging, I came across Squirrely’s hiding spot. Out popped a couple chestnuts from the ground. Against my better judgment, I decided these chestnuts could be old and they were from Squirrely’s father.

Wrong! This is what I walked out the door to a couple days ago:

What, Tulip bulb? Squirrely stole your home?!?

It was just sitting there, all alone. Naked, cold. I hope he left all the other tulips in their homes, but I’m not going to risk putting this one back, so I’m just going to have to find a new place for it. It might be red, or purple, or whatever that third color was that I can’t remember (it’ll be an awesome surprise come Spring!), but it’s going to spring up next to some called Black Widow that my dear mother brought me to plant.

Tonight, I planted 24 other random bulbs in a combo pack, also from mother-dearest. I have no idea what they will look like, but again, here’s hoping they come up!

I took a bunch of “Before” pictures, so just you wait, trusty Readers! I’ll have to get out Chris’ super snazzy Sony Alpha and take pretty pictures.


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