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Death toll.

28 Oct

We’ve now caught and killed five mice. FIVE mice. FIVE!!!!!!!!!

It’s lost it’s novelty. Yesterday, I flung the dead mouse into the forest behind our house. We’re running out of plastic bags to put them in.

We also caught one in the live trap. Except…we didn’t. There was definitely mouse poop in the trap, but no mouse. And we’re no longer using the live trap.

How many more mice could be living in our house?!? I don’t think I actually want to know the answer to that.

And no, Mom, we’re not taking any more pictures of the dead mice.


Another one bites the dust, ah ha!

25 Oct

You were just waiting for me to use that title, weren’t you?

Yup, another suicide. Same place.

And the trap that was eaten with no trace of mouse, yup, licked clean again. We may have one smart mouse on our hands, but luckily we have other dumb ones.

Oh, it’s ON!

24 Oct

Since the suicide last week, the mice have been quiet. While we’ve assumed it wouldn’t be the last of them, we weren’t prepared for this:


Ladies and Gentlemen, that bare trap is a symbol: the mice have declared war. Oh, yes, there was peanut butter on that there trap, but when I went to go check the traps this weekend, the mice showed me that they’re craftier than we originally assumed. They now have shown that they can eat the peanut butter without setting off the trap, and that, that is a bad sign.

Now we’ve pulled out all the stops and set 2 extras traps. We’ll show you how sneaky WE can be.

Which means there will be more dead mice. But, I don’t think there will be any more pictures, rest assured. Once you’ve seen one dead mouse, you’ve seen them all.

However, while setting these traps, I did something…well…not so smart. Peanut butter is delicious, right? Licking the peanut butter knife after spreading it on a trap that a mouse has recently licked all the peanut butter off is DISGUSTING! Chris was watching me while I did it, and the moment that knife touched my tongue, we both realized what I did…

It’s like I just made out with a mouse.

Those squirrels, they’re trouble.

20 Oct

Truth: I’ve always wanted to pet a squirrel’s tail. Just had to get that out there.

Anyway, we have a trouble-maker in our backyard. We call him Squirrely. Squirrely’s real cute, and likes to hide things. However, he DOES NOT like it when you find the things he hides.

Exhibit A: This fall, I’ve bought a load of bulbs so that in the spring, the garden is lovely right after the snow thaws! At least, that’s what will happen in a perfect world. I bought some purple and magenta Scilla, which I’ve been told could pop out of the snow in early spring. I’ve also gotten some Hyacinths, which might be even more gorgeous than the Scilla. I also grabbed a bunch of different color Tulips that I planted in the garden right by our back door, so that every time we go in and out of the door, we’re welcomed by beautiful Tulips!

So, while I was planting these lovely Tulips, as I was digging, I came across Squirrely’s hiding spot. Out popped a couple chestnuts from the ground. Against my better judgment, I decided these chestnuts could be old and they were from Squirrely’s father.

Wrong! This is what I walked out the door to a couple days ago:

What, Tulip bulb? Squirrely stole your home?!?

It was just sitting there, all alone. Naked, cold. I hope he left all the other tulips in their homes, but I’m not going to risk putting this one back, so I’m just going to have to find a new place for it. It might be red, or purple, or whatever that third color was that I can’t remember (it’ll be an awesome surprise come Spring!), but it’s going to spring up next to some called Black Widow that my dear mother brought me to plant.

Tonight, I planted 24 other random bulbs in a combo pack, also from mother-dearest. I have no idea what they will look like, but again, here’s hoping they come up!

I took a bunch of “Before” pictures, so just you wait, trusty Readers! I’ll have to get out Chris’ super snazzy Sony Alpha and take pretty pictures.

“Goodbye Cruel World”; or, We politely reject your invitation to live in our home

13 Oct

Yup, you probably guessed it. Our first mouse committed suicide. Yes, we set the trap, but it chose to step into it.

Side note: This was a conversation we had before the post.

Me: “Is it unethical if I post pictures of a dead mouse on the internet?”

Chris: “Probably.”

Me: “I’m going to do it anyway.”


No one needs to see this too large.


So, we check our 3 mouse traps each day. Today, we started with the trap up in the crawl space, where we saw the two little guys this weekend. Nothing. Then, we moved down to the basement where we set the other two. The first one, next to the unused freezer, was untouched. We turned towards the one next to the washing machine. “It moved!” Chris noticed. And he was right. The trap…had moved. We inched closer, and that’s when we saw the tail in the corner. The trap had obviously flipped over with the power of the snap.

Chris wants me to post this picture. I don’t want to, but we’re all a little masochistic, right? I’m going to post it small, but if you click on it, you can see it full-sized.


This is what a dead mouse looks like up-close.


We had to stare at it for awhile. And then we asked ourselves, “Now what do we do?!” I want to point out that Chris and I did fight over who was going to take it outside, but the fight was because we both offered to do it, not because neither of us wanted to do it. Well, “want” isn’t exactly the right word. But, we were both willing to do it for the better good. And so the house didn’t start smelling.

I ended up “winning” because I told Chris I had gotten rid of a dead mouse before. My mother is more scared of mice than anyone in the world, probably (and I’m sure she will post something about that later), and one day when my dad was gone somewhere, probably when I was about 12 years old, we caught a mouse in the trap underneath the kitchen sink. Now, even though I was only 12, I knew how much my mother needed me, and I took it out of the house for her.

Ok, so, even though I was going to do it, it didn’t mean I was gung-ho and excited about it. It took awhile.

Yes, I am wearing bright red pants.

We had to discuss what we were going to do with the dead mouse. Chris’ idea: bury it. I said no. So, we double-bagged it and put it in the dumpster. Is it illegal to put dead animals in dumpsters? Hmm, my guess is yes, probably. But what else were we going to do?

I would also like to point out that the mouse could’ve chosen to eat the peanut butter in the live trap, but it chose the death trap. For those of you who sympathize with the mouse.

Meet our new houseguest!

10 Oct

Who hopefully won’t be staying too long:

He actually has a friend, too, but the friend at least was smart enough to hide under the attic crawl-space door, while this one just sat there. Chris is afraid its pregnant, but I think it’s probably just sick and dying. Which makes it so much better. Or, wait…I’m not sure which is better, actually.

What should we name it?

The food preservation gods are smiling on us now!

3 Oct

The fridge! The beautiful fridge!!!

We’ve had it for over a week now, and each day we love it more. The filtered water tastes amazing, and the best part: no leaks! No leaks at all!!!!!!! Which means, the bottom of the freezer does not have an 8″ x 8″ chunk of ice, and therefore we can use the bottom drawer. Not that we need to. I had no idea how much old food we kept in there that we’d never eat! It’s really amazing and/or disgusting.

That is all the gross food that was thrown away!

Yes, some of it was rotting. Which made me promise myself that I’ll clean the fridge more often. Any bets as to how long that lasts?

Anyway, now that the excitement has built, here is your sweet release:

Do you see the floating legs in the reflection? Yes, I'm wearing some pretty nice pants. Only very special people have seen me in those pants.

And here’s where the angels sing:

We (and by “we”, I mean mainly Chris) have done considerable damage to our bedroom, but I’m waiting until it’s 100% done to do the big reveal. Oh, it’s going to be fabulous!