A special Saturday for the young and in love; and, What’s that smell?! part 2

19 Sep

Chris and I used our youth to the fullest yesterday. Wow, did we.

Well….maybe not. Maybe not at all. Here’s our oh-so-exciting Saturday:

1.  We had someone come out and give us an estimate on how much it would cost to replace our windows, as they are old and somewhat crappy. The woodwork is lovely, but, they’re drafty. This visit was quite helpful. We now know that we can keep the framing and replace everything else, so it won’t look badly misplaced in our gorgeous, classic house. But, we don’t want to do this yet. Instead, we decided to…

2.  Buy a new refrigerator! Oh, it’s amazing! When you open the doors, angels sing. I’m serious. It’s a Samsung with LED lighting, and only costs $53 a year in energy–the most energy efficient model we found for the size we were looking for. It has 2 doors, is black, and will not leak like the stained white one we have now. It comes Friday! Yes, I will take pictures. I’m so excited.

3. We took a 3-hour nap. Yes, 3-hours. It was AMAZING!

4. We went for a walk and decided that in 10 years when we move, we’re moving to a house back there. It’s possibly still in St. Paul city limits. Oh, those houses are beautiful. And they have 2-car garages.

5. And then we watched the movie “Wall Street” to get ready for the new one coming out. Well, Chris watched Wall Street, I semi-listened to it and played a ghost game on the computer.

So, basically, we did not act like young people. Oh, well…

Oh, and for Part 2 of What’s that smell?!

We also spent a good chunk of the afternoon searching for the rancid smell wafting in our kitchen. We found that it was only in the kitchen and in the work-area in the laundry room in the basement.

The decision: some animal died in the floor between the kitchen and the laundry room. Gross. We closed the vents and lit candles. Today I baked cookies. We’re hoping it was a small animal and the smell goes away in the VERY near future.


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