So many things to do…only so much of a house budget.

13 Sep

Happy 1-year anniversary, house! So far, so lucky with the state of the house upon moving in. House (its proper name) was on the market for over 180 days before Chris found it after the price had been reduced by $30,000. Also, to move the house faster, Betty’s family re-carpeted the upstairs and the basement. The wood floors are in AMAZING shape, so maybe they buffed them up, but no serious work there. The walls and moldings were repainted the same color throughout the house: a sandy beige on the walls with an off-white on the moldings. Relatively safe and plain, but still quite nice. We painted the kitchen burnt tomato (or some name similar to that) because it has exposed bricks and is amazing (sneak peak here), well, now that it’s painted. We repainted a couple other rooms (see previous post about my sewing room), and had to reroof the house (stupid insurance agents!!!!), but that’s all. No new appliances (yes), only one leaking pipe, and no gas leaks (again, yet). But that doesn’t mean the house is how we want it. So here’s a list of what we want updated, in the order they’ll probably get done (or at least my order, Chris might have a different idea).

1.  Sand the walls and ceiling in our bedroom and repaint. (Too many coats of paint=peeling walls) We’re planning on starting this one this fall/winter. And related:

2.  Refinish the dressers in the bedroom and install new hardware. The wood is a different color than the bed frame, and I’m not a huge fan of the knobs, but they’re really good quality, so absolutely no reason to replace them. I wanted to paint them, but we “compromised” and decided on refinishing instead.

3.  Bathroom!! Bathroom!!! When we (and by “we” I mean Chris’s dad with assistance from Chris) fixed the leaking pipe and replaced the faucets in the tub and shower, the built-in bath (which was ugly to begin with) cracked in one spot. And it’s beige everywhere, so I die a little on the inside every time I go in there. We’re planning on a new sink and vanity from IKEA (already picked out!) And then we’ll tile the walls, and maybe the floor, too. A lovely blue color, like cobalt or something close.


4. New refrigerator. Ours leaks. ‘Nuff said.

5. Remove the random dividing wall in the basement that holds the gun rack.

6.  New paving stones for the patio. And Chris wants a fire pit and chairs. I…don’t really care that much. But don’t tell him that.

7.  New carpet in the 3-season porch. It’s ugly. And update the fabric on the porch furniture. Currently, it’s dragonflies.

That’s all I can remember right now. Dexter Season 4 is on and it’s time to concentrate…


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