Sheer is sexier than lace

17 Aug

Chris and I have been up to quite a bit, but our projects are vastly different. To explain, this is his major accomplishment of the week:

Brandilicious. It's grown-up taste.

As for mine, I’ve been sweating at the sewing machine (quite literally; even with the air conditioner on, it’s frickin’ hot upstairs, and, if I turn a fan on, I can’t hear my netflix videos, and ultimately Veronica Mars Season 3 or the Tudors Season 1 is more important than overworking my sweat glands).

So, my last crafty craft post received quite the response over my handy new lunch tote. And one of the responders happened to be getting married the next weekend. I quickly stitched together a little tote, put their card and gift card inside, and then tied it up with a ribbon. I was quite pleased with myself over this because every part of the gift could be reused or recycled. Exhibit A:

Sorry, Rory, that I only made Amber a lunch tote. I’m not sure I can see you bringing one of these to work with you.

On a side note, I didn’t use scraps of fabric for this one, but brand spankin’ new fabric that I cut into especially for it. I didn’t want to go overboard on patterns with a gift. You know, I try to give people stuff they’ll actually use. Sometimes.

And a related project:

I personally like the rectangle pillow the best. Chris is not a fan of the ribbon because it has strawberries on it. This, I’ve been told, is not manly enough. But the second, non-ribboned pillow is just so boring that I feel like it’s the less-loved child. And, as the mother, I’m sad to admit that I do love it less.

And now, the reason for the title of the post. If you scroll back to posts past, you will see evidence of lace curtains up in our house. Lace, is not my personal friend. Especially old lady lace (sorry, Betty). Some of the lace that was up at the house had patterns of houses in it. That was the first to go. This lace downstairs was less sinister, but still lace. We took it down at one point, but the window looked really naked, and not in a good way. So, I refashioned some curtains that I had used in my old apartment that didn’t have a use in the new house, as the windows here are smaller. I was able to keep the loops at the top and just cut them to the size I wanted and hemmed the bottoms. And it’s a huge step up!

Sheer is sexy!

So there it is! We’re pretty proud of our house, and it gets lovelier every day.


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