The only reason I will mow the lawn.

8 Aug

You might think I’d mow the lawn because Chris deserves a break sometimes and I love him, but you’d be wrong. Oh, how wrong you would be!

Betty left us with two lawn mowers when she moved out because we live on a hill, and carrying a lawn mower down the stairs to the lower part of the lawn is not going to happen, even for a young strapping man like Chris. Last summer, it was so dry that after closing day, Chris only had to mow once (closing day was Aug. 31). This summer, no such luck (however, in regards to my garden, if it had been that dry, I would have been miserable and sad).

But, while Chris is fabulous at mowing lawns, he’s not exactly a mechanic. So, neither of the lawn mowers would start this spring when it was time to mow. We chatted, and he let me get him a lawn mower for his birthday (I know, fun present, right?).

Thus, the reason why I will mow the lawn:

It’s a Craftsman Reel Push Mower! All it takes is two legs and one arm! It’s easier to have two arms, but if you just have one arm, you can still use it. For those readers who only have one.

I love it. (And Chris thinks it’s ok, too.) It has an 18-inch cut path and three height levels, which are so easy to switch. And super light, so it can be easily carried down the stairs. For maintenance, all it takes it sharpening the blades every couple years. No oil, no gas, no spark plugs. And it makes cutting the lawn on a hill less death-defying. But still really difficult. If you ever read a newspaper story about a woman who died mowing the lawn after falling off a ledge, it was probably me.

Take today. It’s over 90 degrees, and I don’t care to know the humidity. But I mowed the lawn. Did I regret it? Absolutely. But the only pollution I added to the environment was the stench coming from my armpits.


One Response to “The only reason I will mow the lawn.”

  1. Joy August 9, 2010 at 9:48 am #

    If only our neighbors would buy this style of lawn mowers. We have zero noise pollution until someone mows and ours is just as noisy. I will make sure Gar reads this and hopefully gets inspired too!

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