Epic fail…of minimal porportions

13 Jul

Chris’ mom gave him a grill for his birthday last month, and it took us a couple weeks to get around to using it. We plotted what amazing feats of fire and meat were in our future, with visions of beef and chicken dancing in our heads.

For our first grilled feast, we chose kabobs: chicken, sweet onions and red potatoes from the St. Paul Farmers’ Market, green peppers. How could that go wrong, right?

Moments before we were to start up our experiment, we both realized….we didn’t know anything, and I mean not one thing, about grilling. So we went to google, because google is an all-knowing entity that only speaks capital T Truth.

And it took us over an hour to cook kabobs. And it probably should’ve only taken us, I don’t know, 15 minutes?

Afterwards, we researched and read and studied up on grilling…and we still couldn’t figure out just what we did wrong. We lit the charcoals, made sure they were grey all over, used the correct amount for how much food we were grilling, had all the right supplies. So, what the hell could we have done wrong?????

This weekend, after my grill-master father made us the most delicious, gourmet steaks on his itty-bitty Weber (which is his preferred method), we asked for some advice. His first question:

“Did you open the vent?”



One Response to “Epic fail…of minimal porportions”

  1. jsophia July 14, 2010 at 1:41 pm #

    Don’t judge the lace curtains in the kitchen. I’ve been too lazy to sew new ones.

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